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Training Ground


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With kate shilland
(perfromance nutritionist at crystal palace fc)


With kate shilland
(perfromance nutritionist at crystal palace fc)


Stephen Rollnick

Communication on the pitch

Stephen Rollnick joins Edu to discuss communication and where it really begins. Do we know our own A game?

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Edu Rubio and Andy Hooton

What is effective coaching?

Pro License coach Edu talks with Dr Andy Hooton on what makes an effective coach and what does that look like?

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Julien Lopetegui

Want to earn a contract? work on your wellbeing

Julien works within recruitment in professional football and tells us what they are looking for

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Virtual Reality

Edu met with Andy from Rezzil to explore what VR is and how its becoming a part in sport performance.

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Jen Coady

Performance through wellbeing

Jen looks into the advantages of looking after your personal wellbeing and how it helps performance

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Kylla Sjoman & Megan Wynne

Voice and Maturity

Kylla and Megan from the 'STEP UP' programme launched by 'Coaches across continents' join My Energy Game for this Podcast which explores the depth of professional athletes.

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Richard Gerver

Leadership in football

Richard discusses leadership looking at some of its key roles within football and life

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Thriving not surviving
Claire davidson

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Thriving not Surviving - Clare Davidson
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Stephen Rollnick

My feelings on and off the grass

Stephen address his emotions and how to deal with them in the current climate

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Raquel Rubio

Choose to Challenge

Raquel id back with us talking about how to challenge your environment and your self

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Mike Porteous

Train your Confidence

Mike from zigzag confidence gives athletes a great insight how to focus when in tough environments

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Running Shoes


Take time to connect with yourself. Can really help YOU value yourself. In this challenging times it is important to take time even if it’s just 10 minutes a day to check your energy points…how are you feeling emotionally? what is your gut feeling saying? How are you physically feeling? Be kind, Be aware of you. Look honestly at all of these key areas. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you confused? What are you wanting to change? What are you truly thinking when you sit in your stillness? Take this time to get in touch with your energy. Remember this is your life’s journey. You are unique. Honour your truth. Have courage. Be real. Are you true to you? What are you really feeling? Take time out and get in tune with your true-self! 


Adekite Fatuga-Dada


Watford Womens player Ade shares her insight into how she prepares mentally for performance.

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Learn from change
richard gerver

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Learn from Change - Richard Gerver
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Jan Van Loon

Be top.. the connection between things

Jan believes that connection is essential for positive outcomes and having that awareness is essential

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Richard Gerver

The poker chip analogy

Motivational speaker Richard meets with Edu to speak about coping strategies for players and coaches

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Tina Hurst

Growth Mindset

Tina discusses the power of a growth mindset and how it can help your performance

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Julian Speroni - Ups & Downs in Football

Julian Speroni - Ups & Downs in Football

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Tina Hurst

Perceptions and perspectives

Tina and Ed perform a role play on how to resolve an issue with a manager not playing an athlete

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Jan Van Loon

Your identity when out of your comfort zone

Great insight from Head of Coaching Jan about how are identity can change 

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Maria Ruiz de Ona

Let yourself grow

Football psychologist Maria has experience with the Premier League and Athletico Bilbao. She shares her views on personal growth

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Raquel Rubio

Energy is contagious, including team spirit

Raquel looks at how energy can spread within teams and how we create it together.

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Dr Stephen Rollnick

Manage your energy, why bother?

Stephen discusses the importance of managing your energy and offers 3 steps for athletes when faced with difficult situations

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Tina Hurst

Be aware, know YOUR game

Why should we listen to ourselves? This is what Tina explores with the importance of being in the now

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take time to work on your inner self


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Rick Cotgreave

Consciously competitive

Rick proposes his theory 'I am an athlete because I am resilient, rather than I am resilient because I am an athlete'

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Stephen Rollnick

What do players want?

A real look on sport from the players eyes. Surely we need to know this if we want to be successful

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Winning dressing
room culture


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Winning changing room culture - Will Fraser
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